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An Empty Place at our Table – A Tribute to David Evans, 1959 – 2016

David Evans

It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to our fellow Reboot Company member, David Evans. His death came suddenly and left us all shocked and bereft. He played Banquo and other roles in both our productions of Macbeth and we spent many days and months working closely together sharing the pains and pleasures of acting.

David, had thought about acting at school and finally gave it a try thirty years later. He fell head over heels in love with it. He was vastly enthusiastic and committed both in his studies and in the plays he did. He was often the first to volunteer for things despite the fact that he generally had one or two demanding productions or courses on the go at any time (and a full-time job). As well as Reboot he worked with with Journeyman Theatre, Streatham Theatre, the Morley Company and City Lit.

He worked hard and was disciplined in his approach, always striving to develop and improve. He paid attention to the needs of his fellow actors and was generous with his time and help.  His grasp of language was invaluable as was his keen intelligence. Off-stage he was the soul of conviviality and joie de vivre with a ready wit and laugh.


It was clear to us all how much he loved theatre and acting and he passed on that enthusiasm to everyone. We wish he had been granted more time to pursue his passion.

David we miss you and salute you.

Our sympathies and condolences go to Helen and all of David’s family and friends

David Evans: obituary

Dominic Grant, Director, Macbeth Reboot

David Evans was a big presence, in every sense, and it is clear from my own reaction and that of his colleagues, that his parting has created a big absence. We found ourselves laughing – so much, so warmly, when we met to remember him, drink to him and give thanks for him. He had said that his last project, Macbeth: Reboot, had been the most challenging and rewarding thing he’d done – I will always remember and cherish those days of collective endeavour, enterprise and creativity. His lust and commitment for theatre, acting and the associated camaraderie bound him to an increasingly burgeoning circle of friends and colleagues. I am proud to count myself amongst them.