Love and Money

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“This play was an absolute treat, every member of the cast was strong and the storyline was perfect to showcase their many skills. In particular Laura Marziale’s (as Jess) monologue at the end was spectacular. I will definitely be looking out for more of Reboot Theatre Company’s work in the future as this was absolutely brilliant.”

Love and Money
by Dennis Kelly

Play. With fire.
Burning bridges, burning money, burning out.

Directed by Dominic Grant
Rebooted by Reboot Theatre

Thursday 28 July, Friday 29 July, Saturday 30 July 2016
The Network Theatre (Location)

Dennis Kelly’s shattered mirror reflects back comic and brutal fragments of life as we have made it. A world built on debt and desire that we realise, too late, we may not want to be part of but can’t leave.



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Love and Money | The ProcessRehearsals | Gallery