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Athena Bounti

Athena was a member of theatre company ‘Prova’ in Greece from 2004 till 2008. She acted and co-directed several productions and performed in different cities in the national student theatre festival in 2006 and 2008.

After moving to London in 2008, Athena started acting classes at The Actor’s Surgery and later at Morley College, where in 2012 she completed ‘Acting: The Company’. She also plays the piano and sings, having performed in several live gigs.

Productions include: Reboot: Shorts by multiple playwrights, Stace in Space by Matt Cunningham (Stace), Love and Money by Dennis Kelly (Sandrine and Val), Macbeth:Reboot, by William Shakespeare (adaptation) (Lady Macbeth and Malcolm), Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo de Filippo (Doctor), The Blue Room by David Hare (Au Pair), Domestic News by Marios Pontikas (various roles), Scenes from a Dead World, a play based on George Orwell’s 1984 and Macintosh Juliet by Stelios Lytras (Juliet) and The Seventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Steal a Bit Less by Dario Fo (Enea).


Franciska Ery

Franciska is a Hungarian, London-based director, performance maker and critic. Her main interest lies in how accent and identity can shape one another. In her performance art she works with voiceover, subtitles, subtext, culture and language, and the translation and transition of meaning.

She has directed new writing at venues such as The Cockpit, the Young Vic’s Platform, Above the Arts, and the Bread and Roses Theatre, but also enjoys working in found spaces and incorporating unique audience arrangements. In early 2018, Franciska joined Reboot Company to direct the production of Reboot: Shorts at The Bunker.


Beth Graham

Beth is a British performer originally from Wiltshire. She moved to London in 2014 and graduated from Queen Mary, University of London in July 2017 with a BA in Drama. She is currently completing a Diploma in Musical Theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, which she does alongside her fundraising internship at the Royal College of Music.

She has previously worked with companies including Young Pleasance, Wondering Hands, Thick and Thin Theatre and Col-lab productions, and has performed at several fringe venues in both London and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She likes Jazz and cocktails, and her guilty pleasure is Costume Dramas (especially the truly terrible ones).

In early 2018 Beth joined Reboot Company, and is performing in Reboot: Shorts in April 2018.


Faidon Loumakis

Faidon started acting at the age of 16 in his school’s theatre company, in Athens, Greece. After school, its members formed the theatre company Metalikiakos Thiasos which stayed active for four years. While at university, Faidon was part of theatre company Prova, where he also devised and directed a play based on 1984 by George Orwell.

After moving to London, he started acting classes at The Actor’s Surgery and later at Morley College, where he performed in the Blue Room by David Hare and Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduarto de Philipo.

Productions include Love and Money by Dennis Kelly (various roles), Macbeth: Reboot, William Shakespeare (Macduff), Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare (Lysander), My Highness by Dimitris Psathas (Fotis); It Wasn’t Me by Grigorios Ksenopoulos (Themos); Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare (Benvolio); Seventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Steal a Bit Less by Dario Fo (Arnaldo Nascimbene); Scenes from a Dead World (based on 1984 by George Orwell and Macintosh Juliet by Stelios Lytras).

Laura Marziale

Laura is from Italy. She moved to London in 2005 after living in Tanzania and South Africa. She has a degree in African Languages and Cultures from Italy and an MA in Anthropology of Media from SOAS in London. She works in two different charities during the day but theatre has always been her passion. She has pursued it in all the countries she has lived in.

In London she is part of an amateur Italian theatre company called Teatro In-stabile. Her greatest challenge has been to act in English but overcoming her fear she joined Morley College’s Company in 2013. This has marked the beginning of an amazing journey for her.  She has played a variety of roles in short plays by Pinter, the lead roles in Antigone by Jean Anouih and Saturday, Sunday, Monday by Eduardo de Filippo (Donna Rosa). Laura performed as Lady Macbeth at Reboot Theatre’s production of Macbeth:Reboot and as Jess in Love and Money. Recently Laura completed an acting course at the Rose Bruford College and is currently studying for an MA in Dramatherapy at Roehampton University.


Maxine Walker

Maxine started acting courses at Morley College in 2012 and went on to join the Morley Company in 2014.

She has performed in stage productions of Love and Money (various roles), Macbeth: Reboot (Porter, Witch, Ross and Gentlewoman), Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Aunt Meme) and Antigone (the Nurse). She recently also worked on a devised piece about the NHS.

Good drama shines a light on social and human relationships and she feels privileged to be part of that process and the Company, with its commitment and talent.


Mike Waller

MikeWallerMike trained at Morley College and with Frantic Assembly, and is a founding member of Reboot. His productions include Reboot: Shorts (various roles), Stace in Space (Teacher) at the Vaults Festival, Love and Money (David), Macbeth:Reboot (Macbeth), Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Rocco), The Blue Room (The Student), and the web-series ‘Shrink’ (Dr Tim). Mike was proud to perform in WeAreHere, created by Jeremy Deller and Rufus Norris with the Royal National Theatre to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Mike is originally from Stockton-on-Tees and is a doctor, medical and PhD, with an interest in cystic fibrosis. Medicine has allowed Mike a unique understanding of the extremes of human psychology, behaviour, physicality and emotions, which together provide invaluable acting tools to his characterisation and theatrical performances.

Mike is currently producing our future work.


Extended Reboot Members

Creatives and actors who have contributed or performed as part of Reboot.

Dominic Grant

Dominic-GrantWe are fortunate to have had Dominic Grant in Reboot Company as our Director, mentor, creative force and fellow co-founder. Dominic played an instrumental role in envisioning and directing Macbeth:Reboot, Love and Money, and Stace in Space.

Dominic has worked extensively in film, television and theatre for 30 years. He has also taught and facilitated work at many drama schools and was Head of Drama at Morley College between 2007 and 2014, where he continues to teach. For more information you can visit Dominic’s website at


Mamad Heidari

Mamad is from Iran. He started acting in Morley College on 2012 a few months after he had moved to London. He has a degree in computer science from Iran. Mamad started working with the Persian theatre group ‘Saam Theatre Company’ in London while studying at Morley college and has acted in productions in both English and Persian language.

He is interested in literature and history and his love of Shakespeare is his main motivation for being an actor. He joined Reboot Company in 2016 when he saw their production of Macbeth Reboot and performed on Love and Money by Denis Kelly the following year..

Asha Goveas

Asha2We were lucky to have Asha as our producer and founding member of the company who played a vital role in our productions Macbeth:Reboot, Love and Money and Stace in Space.

Asha, a former journalist and event producer, studied acting classes at Morley College for three years. She appeared in Jean Anouilh’s Antigone, a play based on Sophocles’ tragedy about Oedipus’ daughter, in the title role, and as Giulianella in Saturday, Sunday, Monday, by Eduardo De Fillippo, Italy’s Alan Ayckbourn, both Morley productions.

Matthew Cunningham

Reboot were delighted to work with Matt during several workshops which lead to him writing  Stace in Space for The Vaults Festival in February 2017.

Matt worked with Dominic on Weird Weather, which was performed at the Vaults Festival in 2015. His work as a playwright has been performed at a number of venues, including London, Edinburgh and Los Angeles, and he currently teaches Creative Writing at Kingston University.

Richard Burrell

Richard has trained with the company at Morley College. He has performed with Reboot in Macbeth:Reboot as Macbeth, and has continued to participate in numerous workshops since.

Rathna Ali

Rathna-AliHaving recently rediscovered drama by attending courses at Morley College, Rathna auditioned for Acting The Company and played Lady Macduff/Angus in the Morley College and Reboot production of Macbeth.

Rathna also juggles a busy career in IT in the city with being a mum to two young rascals.