Who we are

Who we are | Meet Reboot

Reboot Theatre Company was formed in September 2015 by a group of actors and their director, after they all met and worked together at Morley College in London. At the time, our main drive was putting on Macbeth:Reboot, a production envisioned and created by our director and teacher Dominic Grant, while we were all still students at Morley College.

After putting on Macbeth:Reboot as The Company at Morley College in the summer of 2015, we staged Macbeth:Reboot again, but this time as an independent company. Our company’s name, Reboot, was inspired by this very first production, and it reflects our passion to work on thought provoking plays, closely examining and potentially reinventing aspects of existing plays.

We are a passionate and diverse group of people from different backgrounds. We respect our individuality but also welcome our diversity making all decisions as a collective through collaboration and inclusiveness. We are committed to producing exciting drama that stirs the heart and mind and challenges us and our audiences.

We are fortunate to have Dominic Grant in Reboot Company as our Director, mentor, creative force and fellow co-founder. Just like in Macbeth:Reboot, Dominic played an instrumental role in envisioning and directing Love and Money, which we performed in July 2016. We were also lucky to have Ash Goveas as our producer and founding member of the company who played a vital role in delivering our first two performances Macbeth:Reboot and Love and Money.