Reboot: Shorts

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“Absolutely brilliant. I will definitely be looking for more of Reboot’s work”
London Theatre Club

Reboot: Shorts

Directed by Franciska Ery

at the Bunker Theatre in London
Monday 16 & Monday 23 April 2018

From 622 submissions, Reboot Theatre Company has selected 6 knockout pieces from emerging international writing talent, which explore the fragility of human relationships and the challenges of making enduring connections in this ever-changing and sometimes dystopian world.

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Something from Nothing
By Lynn-Steven Johanson
A man and a woman wake to find they are in some bizarre, black void with no walls, doors or windows.
Less than 3
By Tom Kinney
The dating agency that found George his long-term girlfriend wants to give him the good news. They’ve found him a better match.
Modern Art
By Joe Laredo
Modern art – what does it mean? What does it tell us about our lives? More to the point, are we prepared to learn from it? And if we’re not, might it teach us a lesson anyway?
Meet the Pets
By Tracey Jane Smith
Nothing goes to plan when a player brings home his new people-pleaser girlfriend to meet ‘them’: Daisy and Mr. Cuddles.
But that’s Okay
By Jenny Mead
We open in a bar. Jeff and Jane meet. They fall in love. The rest, of course, is — their entire history together.
By Jerusha Green
“In my dreams there are nails in everything
They are floating in the sky like jellyfish
They are penetrating the world
Fixing     Nothing”
“clever, moving and witty”
“strong performances supported by fantastic direction”

Spy in the Stalls
“Seriously recommend it: a really interesting anthology of short plays”
“Reboot: Shorts was amazing. Everyone should go to the next performance”
“An excellent showcase of new writing”
Audience Member

About the writers

Lynn-Steven Johanson

Lynn-Steven Johanson is a playwright living in the United States. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and works at Western Illinois University. His plays have won numerous awards, and they have been produced in New York, Los Angeles, and numerous cities throughout the U.S. as well as in the U.K., India, New Zealand, and Australia. He is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Tom Kinney

Tom Kinney is a writer from Liverpool. He is on this year’s Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres’ Playwrights’ Programme where he is writing his first full-length play. He is currently finishing his PhD in Social Policy at the University of Edinburgh – looking into the social inequalities around cultural activities in early childhood.

Joe Laredo

Joe is obsessed with writing plays. Last year, he completed eight plays and started two more – lasting from three minutes to two hours, in various genres (comedy, drama, melodrama, musical, tragedy …) and with various cast sizes (from 2 to 13). His “day job” is copy-editing, proofreading and translating (from French). He recently translated the French children’s classic Le Petit Prince and his translation of Albert Camus’ L’Étranger was the standard version for over 30 years. Joe is also a pianist and will give a recital of Grieg’s Lyric Pieces in Milton Keynes on the composer’s 175th birthday (15th June).

Tracey Jane Smith

Tracey Jane Smith is an emerging Central Florida-based stage storyteller whose work has also appeared in Orlando, Miami, New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. A freelance copywriter and mom of two, her QUICKIES by Tracey Jane Smith, “Four-plays of love, longing and…you know” was a sold-out show winner at the 2017 Orlando International Fringe Festival and selected as a “Best of the Fest”. Theatre is her therapy.

Jenny Mead

Jenny has had numerous short plays produced at various theaters in Charlottesville, VA, New York, Connecticut, Minnesota, California, Mexico (March 2018), and London (April 2018). Several of her plays have won Audience Favorite Awards. A former Hollywood executive, journalist and English teacher, Jenny lives in Charlottesville where she is mother to a basset hound and writes business ethics case studies at the University of Virginia.

Jerusha Green

Jerusha Green was born and bred in Manchester, studied Scriptwriting and Performance at the University of East Anglia and moved to London shortly after graduating. She was a member of the Royal Court’s young writers group and invitation studio group (2014/15). Credits include: a rehearsed reading of Recreation (Arcola Theatre) 2015; a sharing of Are We There Yet (Pleasance Theatre Islington) 2016; and an adaptation of Frankenstein for young actors (Magdalen College School, Oxford) 2017.

Cast & Production

Franciska Ery

Athena Bounti

Michael Waller

Faidon Loumakis

Maxine Walker

Beth Graham

Thank you for the overwhelming response!

In total we received 622 scripts from all corners of the globe!! The overall standards were incredibly high, and it was a joy to read so many fantastic new stories and ideas, that at times made us literally laugh out loud or quietly reflect the world we live in.

It was a genuine challenge to select 6 plays from all entries that worked in terms of casting and staging, and worked well together in a production and we want to say huge thanks to all the writers for submitting their scripts to RTC for consideration in Reboot: Shorts at the Bunker Theatre, London in April 2018.