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What if you left your better-self behind – and it watched you?  What if it moved then from watching to trying to return?

A physical telling of the story, alongside the magnificent text affords us a whole world of theatrical possibilities.

The voices in Macbeth’s head – and Lady Macbeth’s – birth new, darker characters while the other self that is left behind still has a life, observes and ultimately tries to redeem itself.

The ghosts in our play make themselves felt more clearly than ever before. Allied to Physical Theatre techniques I honed working with Stephen Berkoff, ghosts literal, metaphoric and ghosts as energies, become flesh. For Banquo and for all the characters in the play.

Characters change, like a snake that sheds its old skin. And the new skin has a dangerous life of its own.

The focused and imaginative physical actor can create and immediately destroy anything: energies, plots, regrets and re-birth. Macbeth is a tale of darkness: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica’.

Yet the undertow of humanity in the play – also ghosts and echoes – show us we are all joined: I am my brother’s keeper.

These concepts were at the forefront in early rehearsals and now continue to organically point a way forward and a way for our company to work and create theatre..

Dominic Grant, director